Lost Colony: Spaceship Graveyard – Kickstarter Bundle

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Custom Spaceship Wreckage

This huge set of over 365 STL files includes everything you need to build custom spaceship wreckage.  The 3D printable models feature crashed starship parts, modular interiors, scatter terrain and miniature bases.

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Prints without supports!

Includes Core Set + 19 Stretch Goals (over 365 models!)

STL Files – All prices in AUD


Modular scifi terrain


Lost colony: spaceship Graveyard is the ultimate starship wreckage system. It’s all about customisation, fallen spacecraft and the fragments they leave behind.

Custom Spaceship Wreckage

This modular, 3D printable terrain bundle includes the core set + 19 additional stretch goals unlocked on Kickstarter.  Using the 365+ models, you can build incredibly detailed and tightly packed skirmish tables or larger, sprawling battlefields whilst choosing a range of highly detailed sc-fi bases to match the terrain.

Build Your Own Crashed Starship!

The huge core set of 80+ interlocking spaceship wreckage parts is delivered instantly as stl files. It features incredibly detailed, double sided hull plates with internal features, computer terminals, piping, machinery, airlocks, windows, rooftops, debris sections as well as attachable ship features such as boosters, engines, landing gears, weaponry and hi-tech gadgetry such as sensor arrays.

3D printable spaceship Graveyard

This Bundle includes the following STL packs (365+ models):

  • Spaceship Graveyard Core Set
  • Engine Wreckage
  • Tech Heaps (Junk Piles)
  • Fuselage Wreckage
  • Nose Section
  • Internal Flooring, Stairs & Walkways
  • Objective Markers
  • Escape Pods
  • Tail Section
  • Starship Fragments
  • Engine Room
  • Internal Rooms & Corridors
  • Crashed Fighter
  • Scatter Pack Alpha
  • Damaged Cargo
  • Survivor Outpost
  • Rail Gun
  • Modular Service Vehicles & Processing Machinery
  • Additional Spaceship Interior Upgrades
  • 100+ Sci-Fi Bases

stretch goals

Licence: You can use these for personal use only and may not distribute the files. Where you share images of your prints, please attribute “Saucermen Studios”. No digital derivatives of these models may be made and you may not sell or earn money from the models or the prints you make.  Please Terms & Conditions for more information.OpenLOCK logo Small

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