Commercial Print Licences for 3D Printed Terrain

merchant 3d print licences

Saucermen Studios partners with a range of 3D printing merchants who are licensed to sell physical 3D prints of our models. These partnerships are licensed per set and adhere to specific Terms & Conditions.

Becoming a licenced print partner is easy!

Please contact if you have any specific questions.

Who are these licences for?

Our commercial printing licences are for anyone wanting to sell 3D printed copies of our terrain, miniature bases and other STL files. This includes merchants with an online store, physical shops, FLG stores, gaming clubs, Etsy stores, Ebay vendors, etc.

If you want to sell terrain for profit, these licences are for you!

As a licenced print partner, we’ll also add your business to the public directory on our website.

How we offer print & sell licences

As our library of models has grown, so has the need to adapt our commercial licences. Commercial print partners can choose to pay monthly / 6 monthly / yearly with an automatic, recurring payment, managed via PayPal. You can stop the recurring payments at any time.

What can you print & sell?

No models are provided with this licence but it does allow you to print and sell any of the Saucermen Studios models that you have purchased with a personal licence while your commercial licence subscription is active.

Commercial Licence infographic

Having a commercial licence subscription allows you to convert any personal licences to commercial ones while your subscription is active. EG, any STL files you have purchased from our website, MyMiniFactory Store or Kickstarter pledges , or BeamDown.

By purchasing a commercial licence, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

We previously offered limited commercial licences as part of Kickstarter campaigns. These were only available as part of the live Kickstarter, expired after 12 months and were limited to that Kickstarter set, excluding any Kickstarter add-ons. See T&Cs for that particular Kickstarter. These licences are no longer available as we now have one simple licence to cover everything (provided you have purchased the files from us); this is the Commercial Licence subscription.

Important information

You can see the full Terms & Conditions here but key points are below:

  • An active Commercial Licence subscription allows you to print and sell the Saucermen Studios STL files you have purchased (terrain, bases, accessories, etc).
  • You cannot advertise or sell without an active subscription. Licences revert to personal licences outside of the subscription.
  • When advertising the product or listing it on your outlet / product description, you cannot claim the designs as your own and must state that the models are “Designed by Saucermen Studios” (link to is appreciated).
  • Licences may not be refunded or transferred. They are for a single store / outlet only.
  • You may use images from our website in your marketing and promotion but they cannot be edited.
  • You may only sell completed, physical printed copies of the models (in PLA or SLA resin) – You cannot sell, share or distribute the stl / digital files, produce casts, modify the models or digital products in any way.
  • Commercial Licences purchased as part of a Kickstarter campaign are not the same as the ongoing Commercial License Subscriptions.

Abuse of the terms may result in cancellation of your licence and legal action being taken

Who are our current 3D print partners?

We have a range of licenced print partners across the world who are authorised to print and sell physical copies of our terrain. You can see a full list if them here.

What information must be provided?

When applying to become a licenced print partner, you must provide the following information:

  • The name of your business
  • Web address (where you will be selling the prints)
  • Preferred contact details
  • Location (country & city)

Apply to become a licenced Print partner!

If you have any questions, please contact us