About Us

About The Studio

Saucermen Studios is an established design business in the tabletop gaming industry. We are based in Brisbane, Australia and set up shop in 2018, having since launched a range of hugely successful Kickstarter campaigns for 3D printable terrain in addition to our previous range of premium gaming mats and airbrush stencils.

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What We Do:

  • We love creating 3D models & digital artwork!
  • We draw upon decades of tabletop gaming experience
  • We create original terrain designs plucked from our imagination
  • We push the boundaries of technology and integrate it into our projects
  • We Provide ongoing assistance for all products with responsive customer service through email and social media
  • We constantly improve and update our existing terrain based on community feedback
  • We deliver support-free stl files with little to no clean up required

Meet The Team!


Alex is the studio founder and digital artist behind all the 3D models and creative content at Saucermen Studios. Originally from the UK, he has a background in digital production which has earned him multiple TV credits and industry awards. In addition to his production work, he has delivered numerous lectures at universities and industry workshops on the subject of creative industries including 3D design. He loves gaming, making, storytelling and is a keen musician!

Stevie drives behind the scenes operations, product manufacturing and heads up logistics. She has a background in studio management and is obsessed with roller derby. She loves working out, tattoos and hanging out with our dog, Yuuki.

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