3D Printable Tabletop Terrain

Flatline City STL late pledge

Incredible value, highly detailed, 3D printable STL files for tabletop games such as Warhammer 40,000, Necromunda, Stargrave, Star Wars Legion, Corvus Belli’s Infinity and many more!

3D Printable Terrain Bundles

FLC1 Late Pledge
  • Modular city building
  • 27 sets included
  • LED integration
  • Terrain + scatter
  • 110+ miniature bases


Lost Colony Bundle
  • Build crashed starships
  • 20 sets included
  • Playable interiors
  • Modular machinery
  • Terrain, scatter + bases


ordus bundle
  • Customisable terrain
  • 16 sets included
  • Modular walls + buildings
  • Modular interiors
  • Buildings, walkways + scatter


Popular Terrain Sets

Industrial 3D Printed Terrain
Wreckage and Ruins 3D printed terrain
Playable Interiors 3D printable terrain
Modular Buildings 3D printable terrain
3D printable scatter terrain
3D printable mini bases

3D Printed Terrain

Saucermen Studios design high quality sci-fi terrain for tabletop games that take your tabletop gaming to the next level by enhancing storytelling and gameplay.

STL Files

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Printable Scenery

Our 3D printable terrain is compatible with Warhammer, 40k, Infinity, Star Wars Legion, Gaslands, Fallout, Necromunda, Stargrave and many more tabletop gaming systems.

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