BeamDown: Browser-Based Terrain Designer

browser based terrain design

Custom terrain design at your fingertips

BeamDown is an easy to use, browser-based, custom terrain building platform.

It requires no 3D modelling skills and there’s NO SUBSCRIPTIONS or export limits!

You’ll access a huge library of Saucermen Studios assets to build and customise your own printable scenery.

What BeamDown Does:

  • Build custom terrain
  • Access large asset library
  • Save projects to cloud
  • Export as STL
  • Integrate magnets, clips and sockets
  • Use templates or freebuild
  • Easy to use interface

BeamDown is currently only accessible to Kickstarter backers and those who have purchased a late pledge. We are currently developing the BeamDown Asset Store.

How BeamDown Works:

1 – Use Quick Frames or use the Freeform building tool

BeamDown has two unique building methods that are simple to navigate. Usually the build mode is specific to the set.

Use the Freeform building tool to drag components from the pallet onto the work area.

BeamDown Freeform

Quick Frames allow you to build off auto-filtering templates.

BeamDown QuickFrames

2 – Use the simple interface to build & expand your structure

Components auto snap to compatible parts.

Snapping points

Use Moint Points to insert sections and add more details.

BeamDown Mount Points

3 – Add flooring and customise connections

The Floor Builder snaps to walls and has a variety of themes.


Add magnets, sockets and a range of other connection methods.

BeamDown Sockets

4 – Design large projects and swap sections!

The demonstration video below shows what BeamDown is capable of – The first example shows the Zectonium Prison Mines set (available from Kickstarter – Coming soon to the upcoming BeamDown Asset Store)

Watch BeamDown in Action!