Zectonium Prison Mines – Kickstarter Launch

Zectonium Prison Mines on Kickstarter

17 unlocked stretch goals

What is the Zectonium Prison Mines?

The Zectonium Prison Mines is a vast collection of 3D printable, Sci-fi terrain that gives you the creative freedom to build immersive industrial landscapes and brutal, off-world mining facilities. The modular terrain will ignite stories of daring prisoner escapes, battles over coveted minerals and explorations of enigmatic, ancient alien ruins as rival forces navigate through labyrinthine tunnels or engage in explosive conflicts along the elevated walkways and towers.

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What is in the Kickstarter Pledge?

With a core set of 110+ models, this huge collection of terrain features an impressive level of detail and modularity.  Sections are interchangeable, so the theme and layout is chosen by you!  The additional 200+ stretch goal models expand the options by introducing more building components, mining infrastructure, minerals, vehicles, alien ruins, drilling machinery and much, much more.

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What can you build with Zectonium Prison Mines?

  • Large mining rigs with playable interiors
  • Terraforming facilities
  • Tall industrial towers with optional walkways
  • Interconnected factory buildings
  • Uncovered alien ruins
  • Industrial platforms
  • Prison Colonies
  • Outposts on alien worlds
Zectonium Prison Mines Mat Spin

How does it work?

Corners and walls slot together with the option of being glued, rooftops, flooring or platforms are then placed on top and securely stacked – Buildings, platforms and unique structures can be easily set-up from a choice of double-sided walls, corners, removable doors, rooftops and platform inserts. Walkways and additional components such as piping, railing, chimneys and machinery are then added.

Kickstarter Graphics How it works

Will it Print in Resin or FDM?

The STL files provided are ready to print on your home printer and have been optimized for FDM printers such as the Ender 3.  Prints have been tested and do not require supports or clean up, making the journey from print to table uncomplicated. Whilst we have optimised and tested on FDM printers, it is possible to print much of the set on a resin printer! Some objects may need to be scaled but many smaller objects such as walls, corners and 10x10cm rooftops & platforms would look incredible but depending on your plate size, larger models may need to be split.


About the Designer

Saucermen Studios have a history of producing large sets of high-end sci-fi terrain. They have previously launched several successful Kickstarter campaigns such as: