Zectonium Prison Mines: BeamDown Add-on

zectonium prison mines beamdown addon

Our latest BeamDown set is currently available as an add-on with our current Kickstarter campaign, The Zectonium Prison Mines.

BeamDown is a browser-based terrain designer that let’s you custom build terrain from our vast library of assets. You can save these builds to the cloud and export as STL files NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES OR EXPORT LIMITS!

For those wanting to create custom platforms, compatible with the 10x10cm and 20x20cm core-set buildings in this Kickstarter, we offer the ‘Zectonium Prison Mines – Platform Builder for BeamDown’ (as an optional add-on). BeamDown is an innovative, browser-based interface with a vast library of assets available and requires no 3D modelling or design experience! 

Key points about the Zectonium BeamDown add-on:

  • There are no ongoing subscription costs or export limits for BeamDown
  • BeamDown allows you to customise terrain, save builds and export as STL files for print
  • The BeamDown asset library is dynamic and continues to grow
  • Zectonium Prison Mines for BeamDown is a stand-alone set, you do not need any other BeamDown purchases
  • If you already own any BeamDown sets, such as the ‘Sci-Fi Building Generator’ you can use many of the assets from that collection for even more customisation
  • BeamDown does not yet import external STL files
  • The Zectonium Prison mines Kickstarter and Zectonium Prison Mines BeamDown add-on are separate sets

Introducing Magnetized walkways!

Based on feedback from existing BeamDown users, we’ve implemented additional socketing and connection options to the Zectonium Prison Mines BeamDown set. In addition to all corners and platforms/rooftops now including customization of sockets, you can now place custom connectors on walkways and their connecting wall sections.

Custom sockets include a selection of magnets and connectors.