Why You Need Modular Terrain

Modular Scifi Terrain

Playing with the same terrain every battle can get tedious after a few battles, but multi-part, modular terrain can unlock a huge range of features and play-ability.

Modular terrain is great!

Build & Expand Unique Sci-Fi Buildings

modular terrain
Examples from the Flatline City terrain series shown above

A small amount of sections goes a long way with modular terrain, by vertically stacking building sections and adding accessories and expansions horizontally, you can design and construct some really great tabletop terrain set-ups. It’s worth looking at terrain sets with a large number of compatible options to give you more variety. Check out the Flatline City terrain series as a great example of modular city building with a huge choice of sci-fi structures.

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Modular Terrain Tiles

It’s not all just about modular buildings. You can get a great range of modular terrain tiles that interconnect so that different layouts can be set-up. With this, you can create roads, factory floors, spaceships and more!

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Expand Terrain Upwards

A good modular terrain set will allow you to choose how tall you want to each building or terrain piece to be. The structure should be sturdy and even have the option for easily accessing playable interiors by lifting the upper sections and flooring sections.

Make Each battle different

With a collection of modular terrain, you can switch it up every single game. A The same terrain set could be used in 40K battles, Necromunda skirmishes and Infinity missions, all as different structures. It’s worth painting different sections but keeping some parts universal too.

Connect to Walkways & Accessories

Walkways, stairs, gantries and accessories should be attachable to your modular terrain set so that you can easily change the function of the building and adapt the them to your particular game or mission. Consider how adding turrets, CCTV, ramps or even extra pipes could change the terrain.

Ash wastes terrain stl

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Modular Necromunda Terrain

Necromunda is a great example for a game that benefits from modular terrain. Think of how a modular piping system or walkway set can be used to wrap around buildings or add beneficial cover, while allowing access for a sniper to the upper levels!

Check out some great Necromunda Terrain ideas here.

Modular 40K Terrain

Warhammer 40K is another game that uses a variety of terrain, so consider how your 40k collection could be enhanced by adding the following modular sets:

Get more 40K terrain ideas here

How Do You Make Modular Terrain?

Terrain and tabletop scenery can be made in a number of ways, such as kitbashing, scratch building, adding greebles to MDF, etc, but if you have access to a 3D printer, it’s definitely worth looking at 3D printing your own terrain over traditional methods.

3D Print Modular Terrain

With thousands of 3D printable models files available, including a range of free STL files, 3D printing has become a standard for producing terrain at home for many hobbyists. below are some useful resources to help with 3D printing terrain.

Recommended 3D Printed Terrain Sets