What is OpenLock and how does it connect?

What are OpenLock Clips

What are OpenLock Clips?

The OpenLock Clip System is a method for connecting terrain and 3D printed accessories. OpenLock Clips were designed by Printbale scenery. The System uses clips and sockets to quickly and easily join two models together. At Saucermen Studios, we often use it in our terrain sets to allow secure connections in our modular sets. It has been used in Flatline City and Spaceship Graveyard.

Lost Colony OpenLock Connection
Example of how OpenLock Clips are used to create spaceship wreckage

Modular terrain that snaps together

The OpenLOCK system allows sections or accessories to snap together and create complex layouts for your terrain. There usually isnt any gap between pieces as the fit is seamless. Because the pieces are modular, gamers can create terrain pieces that are specific to their gaming needs.

3D printed pipes terrain
Modular piping system using OpenLock Clips to connect sections

A Cost effective terrain solution!

As with most 3D printed terrain, you can print your collection slowly over time and add parts as needed. OpenLock is no different and if any clips should snap or get lost, you simply print some more. Because the pieces are 3D printed, you can create an unlimited number of terrain pieces at a fraction of the cost of buying pre-made terrain. Additionally, because the terrain is modular, gamers can reuse pieces to create new configurations, which means that you don’t need to constantly buy new terrain pieces to create new gaming environments.

Can OpenLock Clips be printed in resin?

In our experience, we don’t recommend printing OpenLock Clips in resin but do advise using PLA as it has some flexibility. The nature of the clips will flex slightly when inserted into the OpenLock Sockets, so resin would be too brittle.

OpenLock Clip Download

Need an OpenLock Clip fast? Click here to download the STL

What terrain sets use OpenLock Connections?