Warhammer 40k Terrain Ideas

warhammer 40k terrain ideas

Bored of playing on the same tables every time? If you’re looking to expand your 40K terrain collection or start a new scenery project, we’ve got some Warhammer 40K terrain ideas that will get you inspired and add variety to your tables!

How to set-up 40k terrain

Don’t over-complicate things… you can waste hours setting up a 40k table full of elaborate, interconnecting terrain, but you should choose a set that is easy to build, use, take down and store. The example below, from the Flatline City terrain collection is really easy to set-up and move around.

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40K Terrain essentials

There’s a few staples that every tabletop gamer should have in their terrain collection. These should be easy to set-up, modular for various configurations / layouts and most of all, inspiring to play on!

We recommend you should include the following types of terrain in your collection:

Modular Buildings

Modular terrain is where it’s at for changing up your table for every game. You control the height and sprawl of the battlefield by adding more floors and a range of different rooftops.

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Piping Systems

Pipes are great for blocking line of sight and adding an industrial theme to your table. Modular pipes are even better as you can build them like lego and change the layout as much as you like. With a 3D printer, you can print dozens of piping sections to craft your own elaborate scenery.

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Industrial Machinery

Machines are bigger than scatter and smaller than buildings. They fill in the spaces in-between, block line of site and add cover, all the time while adding to that grim dark theme of the universe!

Scatter Terrain

Depending on the theme of your table, you’ll probably want to pad out the gaming mat with some scatter terrain. This could include consoles, crates, barricades, furniture and more!

Ruins & Wreckage

In the future is only war, so represent this with some crashed spaceships, battle damaged buildings and general wreckage.

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Walkways & Platforms

Modular walkway systems are great for allowing troops to get into some interesting positions on the battlefield. Include a variety of stairs, platforms, elevators and railings to offer different options for cover.

Terrain Sets

Pull it all together with some terrain sets. Saucermen Studios has a range of highly detailed, 3D printable terrain sets.

How do you make 40K terrain?

There are many options for making tabletop terrain such as scratch building, DIY, kitbashing, MDF scenery, etc but the easiest and most cost-effective way to build a high quality terrain collection is with a 3D printer.

how to 3D print terrain

Add posters to your buildings

You can get free, printable posters to print-off on your home printer, cut out, glue and weather.