Using & Airbrush Stencils

How to use airbrush stencils

What Are Airbrush Stencils?

Airbrush stencils make painting scenery, miniatures, props, robots, vehicles and other painting projects much easier. They are used by hobbyists and studio painters across the world and allow you to achieve limitless customisation by offering complex shapes and thematic patterns, all of which can be quickly and easily applied will very little skill.

How to use Airbrush Stencils

  1. Ensure your hands are clean before use
  2. If using adhesive stencil, delicately remove your stencil from the backing sheet
  3. Position your stencil onto the clean & dry painting surface
  4. Firmly hold or stick the stencil onto the surface to avoid paint leakage
  5. Apply your paint onto the project
  6. Carefully remove the stencil from the painting surface
  7. For re-use, carefully place the stencil onto the backing sheet

Materials: Adhesive Vinyl vs. Durable Flex

Adhesive Vinyl

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Low tack adhesive vinyl material that allows super-sharp lines but limited re-usability.

Use When:

  • Your painting surface is uneven or varied in shape
  • You need an adhesive material to stick to your surface
  • You need super sharp paint lines
  • Re-usability isn’t too important

Durable Flex

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Strong, re-usable and flexible film material that is quick and easy to use.

Use When:

  • You have a flat painting surface
  • You need a durable stencil
  • You want your stencil to last for a long time


Airbrush stencils come in a variety of designs, with each stencil offering a range if icons, decals and shapes that share a common theme.



Flex stencil rolled up 1

Airbrush stencils are great to use on a variety of surfaces and can flex, wrap and bend around most shapes. Vinyl stencils provide the best versatility as they can be manipulated to fit into the tightest of places and even heated with a hair dryer for extra moldability. Flex stencils are still able to wrap around larger organic shapes.

How Are Stencils Made?

Good quality airbrush stencils are machine cut with precision hardware.

Do I Need An Airbrush?

Air brushes will give the best results for stencils but you can also use rattle-cans, brushes ands even sponges to dab on worn or ‘chipped’ paintwork and distressed surfaces.

Custom Airbrush Stencils

These are the general guidelines we suggest for custom stencils:
– Your design must be provided as a single colour vector (.ai / .eps / .svg)
– Our machines cut around each shape in your artwork, so merging overlapped objects is required
– Consider how stencils work, you need gaps for certain shapes (otherwise they just fall out the stencil)
– Avoid thin connecting lines as these may to break
– You must own rights to use the design. We will not cut images that infringe copyright

Buying Airbrush Stencils