Using a Drybrush Texture Palette

why use a drybrush texture palette

Level-up your Miniature Painting with a Drybrush Texture Palette

When it comes to miniature painting and scenery or terrain painting, achieving the perfect drybrushed effect can significantly enhance the detail and realism of your models. While many hobbyists traditionally use paper towels for drybrushing, a drybrush texture palette offers superior and more consistent results. Let’s explore why you might consider this essential tool, what you can use as a dry palette, and the best technique for drybrushing.

texture palettes animated
An example of a texture palette set with storage rack

Why Use a Texture Palette for Dry Brushing?

Consistency and Control – A drybrush texture palette provides a consistent and controlled surface for removing excess paint from your brush. You can even get specifically themed texture palettes to match your project, for example when painting fantasy themed scenery you could use a texture palette with stone walls or brick-work on it . Unlike paper towels, which can vary in texture and absorbency, a texture palette ensures uniformity, helping you achieve more predictable and high-quality results.

Durability – Paper towels tear, become moist easily and degrade quickly, often necessitating frequent replacements. In contrast, a drybrush texture palette is made from durable materials designed to withstand repeated use. This durability makes it a more reliable tool, saving you money and time in the long run.

Texture Simulation – One of the key advantages of a drybrush texture palette is its ability to mimic the textures you might encounter on miniatures or terrain, such as rough stone or wood. Practicing on a similar texture helps you better control the final effect on your model, ensuring a more natural and realistic finish.

Paint Conservation – Traditional paper towels can absorb a lot of paint, leading to unnecessary wastage. A texture palette allows for better control of paint removal, meaning you conserve more paint. This efficiency is particularly beneficial when working with expensive or limited-edition colors.

Reduced Lint – Paper towels can leave behind fibers or lint, which may stick to your miniatures or terrain, compromising the final look. A texture palette eliminates this issue, providing a cleaner finish without unwanted debris.

Ease of Cleaning A drybrush texture palette is easier to clean and reuse. Paint can often be wiped off or washed away, making it a more convenient and cost-effective solution compared to continuously using and disposing of paper towels.

What Can I Use as a Dry Palette?

When looking for a suitable dry palette, several options can serve as effective substitutes but we’ve found that 3D printed texture palettes are the most cost-effective and durable solutions.

3D Printed texture palettes stl
3D printed Texture Palettes – Multiple designs available!

    What is the Best Technique for Dry Brushing?

    Mastering the technique of drybrushing can take your painting skills to new levels without the scratchy inconsistency of rushed or poor technique. You can bring out intricate details and create realistic effects with basic improvements. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the best drybrushing technique:

    1. Load the Brush: Dip your brush lightly into the paint. It’s essential to use a minimal amount of paint for drybrushing.
    2. Remove Excess Paint: Wipe off most of the paint onto your drybrush texture palette until only a small amount remains on the bristles. The goal is to have the brush appear almost dry.
    3. Apply the Paint: Gently brush over the raised surfaces of your miniature or terrain piece. Use light, quick strokes to gradually build up the color. The technique works best when applied in layers.
    4. Layering and Blending: Start with darker shades and progress to lighter ones to achieve depth and highlight the details.
    5. Clean the Brush: After each use, clean your brush thoroughly to maintain its shape and functionality.

    Where to buy Texture Palette STL files?

    Saucermen Studios have a range of 3D printable accessories such as STL files for texture palettes. Check out the range below:


    Switching from traditional paper towels to a drybrush texture palette can significantly improve your miniature and terrain painting results. By providing consistency, durability, and better control, a texture palette helps you achieve more realistic and detailed effects. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced painter, integrating this tool into your workflow can make a noticeable difference in your work.

    So, why use a texture palette for dry brushing? It’s simple – for superior results, better control, and a cleaner finish. Consider exploring different materials to find what works best for you and elevate your painting technique to new heights. Happy painting!