Tabletop Terrain Inspiration Generated by A.I

AI Generated Terrain inspiration

We’re excited… At Saucermen Studios, we love using emerging tech to streamline workflow and inspire new designs. Recently we started using A.I to explore options for new 3D printable terrain concepts… The results of terrain inspired by A.I are incredible!


monolith taletop scenery

Get terrain ideas FAST!

If you’re starting a new terrain project or just putting some ideas together for new sci-fi terrain, AI generated scenery is the new go-to ideas generation and concept design tool that every hobbyist needs to investigate!

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Cyberpunk terrain created by A.I

The above concept images were created by Midjourney AI based on text prompts. For example “scifi factory building exterior, dystopian, miserable, cyberpunk, armour plated, industrial“. It’s worth noting that these were not the first images presented by the A.I art software, but derivatives of the initial Midjourney prompt.

midjourney ai tarbeltop terrain concepts

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How to Access Midjourney A.I

Currently, access to Midjourney A.I is either by invite only, this includes accessing the paid subscriptions, however you can join a wait-list at

Midjourney’s interface is operated through Discord (which is genius).

How does A.I interpret Warhammer terrain?

We started exploring actual Warhammer terrain as interpreted by Midjourney and got some pretty unexpected results. The images we got back instantly gave us a wave of ideas for new Necromunda tables, Warhammer 40K terrain and Kill Team scenery. Again, the images below were all generated by A.I software.

Citys terrain for Corvus Belli’s Infinity

The above images were just the tip of the iceberg when we were looking for Infinity terrain ideas, but you can see how it offers multiple different options.

How will we be using A.I?

We’ve already begun sketching ideas and planning a range of new terrain sets, just off the back of our first few days of using Midjourney AI as a tool for ideas development. You can see a very quick example below of a modular walk-way system, but hopefully you’ll get to see some of the concepts with you very soon!

designing tabletop terrain 3D model
Flatline City STL late pledge