Stargrave Terrain Ideas

Stargrave terrain ideas

Stargrave is a fun, skirmish based campaign game set in a vast, sci-fi universe of planets. As a miniature agnostic wargame, each player controls a crew of 28mm space-faring adventurers. The creators and Osprey Publishing, encourage you to go nuts with the theme and go wild with your imagination – Have fun and get the most of this fantastic game by exploring these Stargrave terrain ideas.

We’ve put some helpful starting points and inspiration to help you get started on expanding or creating a new Stargrave terrain project.

Stargrave Board Size

Stargrave is usually played on a board size of 3×3 feet, however 4×4 tables can be used for larger games involving more than two players. Likewise, 2×2 tables can be played on if space is an issue and you don’t mind quick, fast paced skirmishes. Bigger tables make for longer games.

Ruined Buildings Terrain

Terrain considerations

The Stargrave Rule book suggests that “The more terrain, the more fun that games tend to be!”. We tend to agree with this as game-play becomes more cinematic as characters dodge behind crate, disapear behind buildings or race across tall walkways to grab some loot. Don’t forget to include a good amount of smaller cover too!

Scifi miniature scenery

There are no hard and fast rules for what terrain you must use for Stargrave terrain as it is based in a vast universe. Each mission can be played on a different planet inhabited by different life-forms, because of this the theme and aesthetics can be radically different. Below are some ideas for settings.


Off-world settlements can be at any stage of their technological advancement. For example, the township could be populated by small make-shift huts or a series of interconnected inflatable habs.

Cyberpunk buildings slum 3D printable terrain stl

Abandoned research facilities

A mixture of hi-tech structures, walkways, platforms and scientific equipment all play a part in constructing the science facility. This is a great opportunity for modular terrain as it can be changed up for each game to keep your scenery collection fresh!

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Crashed spaceships

Recovering tech or precious cargo from spaceship wreckage is a blast to play on! Cover is plentiful and walkways between different levels of the downed craft make for some fun encounters. Throw in some crates, cargo and broken machinery and you’ll have plenty of variety.

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Bustling cities

Missions set in a dense city are great fun! Again, modular buildings are the way to go so that you can set-up different layouts and configurations each game. You can see some incredible examples of 3D printed cities here.

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Ancient Alien Ruins

Long forgotten before the last war, a civilization left this world but ancient secrets remain. What could your crew discover among the relics and mysterious standing stones?

Alien Ancient Necron Monolith 3D printable terrain stl


An active starport could be set in any environment and can include different sized ships, buildings, merchants, cargo, fuel lines/pipes and landing pads.

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Interior space stations or tunnels

Playable interiors make for an entirely new outlook on skirmish games and they’re incredibly fun to play with. Consider getting some modular terrain that can be changed for each game and have different layouts that suit your particular mission.

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Stargrave Tables – Inspired by A.I (MidJourney)

We previously wrote an article on how current advancements in A.I can be used to source inspiration for terrain and wargaming scenery. We’ve found it a really useful tool for enhancing the development process of new tabletop terrain. below are some examples we generated with Midjourney A.I, specifically aimed at Stargrave tables.

3D printed terrain

It’s easier than ever to get started 3D printing terrain and printing your own scenery unlocks so much more potential within the hobby.