Scrap Terrain Setup for Expendable Employees

expendable employees 3d print terrain

We recently learned of ‘Expendable Employees‘, a game from Alexei Vella. It’s a rule-light, cooperative miniature skirmish game where 1-4 players assume the roles of employees sent by a company to scavenge dangerous exoplanets.

Collecting Scrap for the Good of the Company…

Upon reading the fluff, our Spaceship Graveyard terrain immediately sprung to mind for a table set-up! Each game is played on a 2×2′ to 3×4′ table with only 4-6 pieces of terrain, so we opted for our Fuselage Wreckage Set as these are chunky, break up line-of-sight easy to paint and help give a three dimensional perspective to the table!

What is Expendable Employees?

The gameplay involves several key elements:

  1. Mission Setup: Players generate an exoplanet and deploy their space hauler on one board edge. They then send their employee miniatures on missions to retrieve scattered scrap before darkness envelops the board​​.
  2. Objective: The primary goal is to collect as much scrap as possible while maintaining a profit quota. The bigger the pile of scrap, the higher the profit, but it also increases the risk of encountering hostile entities​​.
  3. Challenges: Players face various threats including scrap-possessive entities, unpredictable environmental conditions, and encroaching darkness. They must navigate these threats to survive and complete their mission​​.

Gameplay Mechanics:

  • Scrap Collection: Scrap is dropped onto the battlefield by holding and releasing a handful of D4 dice from two feet above the table, simulating scrap falling from orbit​​.
  • Entities and Hazards: Entities that can attack players may spawn from shadows and other hazards must be navigated​​.
  • Rules and Role-Playing: The game has a lightweight ruleset, which includes humorous disclaimers from “The Company” about the dangers faced by employees​.

Miniatures Agnostic

The game allows for any suitable miniatures to be used, although it offers STL files for 3D printing custom miniatures​.

Overall, “Expendable Employees” combines elements of resource collection, survival, and cooperative strategy in a setting reminiscent of popular cooperative video games. Check out this game on Kickstarter now!

3D printable terrain that may suite game?