Necromunda Style Terrain Posters – PDF Pack


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A set of 32 printable Necromunda style terrain posters PDF

Includes wanted posters, propaganda and other terrain posters for 40K setting.


FREE Printable posters for Necromunda terrain!

This set of 32 FREE terrain posters are available as downloadable PDF files and can be printed (on paper) and attached to MDF terrain, 3D printable scenery,  and other buildings or billboards.    It features a range of grim dark imagery such as wanted posters, food adverts, warning signs and oppressive character art.

We’d LOVE to see how you end up using these, so don’t forget to tag us in your pictures!

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Bring your Underhive scenery to life!

Download Includes:

  • 32x Printable terrain Posters (PDF)

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Flatline City STL late pledge

Flatline City: Second Wave is a HUGE new, city building terrain set with a core set of 110+ city building models. This anticipated expansion to Flatline City can be used as standalone terrain or combined with the original Kickstarter release for incredible modular city building.

As requested by the community, this set includes a huge range of upgrades and features that compliment and expand the original Flatline City terrain series.  There are 330+ additional models available as stretch goals and more to be added as they all unlock!


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This is a printable product (.pdf file) – No physical items are provided.