Mineral Resources STL


A complete set of 23 different rocks, minerals and rocky outcrops.  They include various sizes and shapes with some industrial tech embedded in larger scenery pieces, so  they’re great for mining worlds or alien planets!

Prints without supports

STL Files – All prices in AUD


Rocks & Minerals

From the Zectonium Prison Mines series.  This Mineral Resources bundle includes a large variety of 23 different rocks, crystal formations and natural structures.  Some feature embedded mining tech so fit right into your sci-fi mining setups.

Rocks and Minerals terrain

A HUGE selection of natural scatter terrain

This set includes the following STL files:

  • 1x Crystal_Rocks_-_01 (91x111mm and 61mm tall)
  • 1x Crystal_Rocks_-_02 (61x76mm and 60mm tall)
  • 1x Crystal_Rocks_-_03 (68x69mm and 60mm tall)
  • 1x Crystal_Rocks_-_04 (51x59mm and 39mm tall)
  • 1x Crystal_Rocks_-_05 (70x76mm and 57mm tall)
  • 1x Crystal_Rocks_-_06 (57x57mm and 41mm tall)
  • 1x Crystal_Rocks_-_07 (58x42mm and 67mm tall)
  • 1x Crystal_Rocks_-_08 (62x77mm and 55mm tall)
  • 1x Crystal_Rocks_-_09 (60x76mm and 67mm tall)
  • 1x Rock_Outcrop_Machines_1 (167x157mm and 61mm tall)
  • 1x Rocks_-_01 (61x76mm and 34mm tall)
  • 1x Rocks_-_02 (67x69mm and 21mm tall)
  • 1x Rocks_-_03 (51x56mm and 21mm tall)
  • 1x Rocks_-_04 (70x76mm and 29mm tall)
  • 1x Rocks_-_05 (57x57mm and 24mm tall)
  • 1x Rocks_-_06 (91x111mm and 36mm tall)
  • 1x Rocks_-_07 (48x42mm and 44mm tall)
  • 1x Rocks_-_08 (62x77mm and 35mm tall)
  • 1x Rocks_-_09 (60x76mm and 48mm tall)
  • 1x Rocks_Outcrops_-_01 (117x146mm and 33mm tall)
  • 1x Rocks_Outcrops_-_02 (140x132mm and 40mm tall)
  • 1x Rocks_Outcrops_-_03 (127x157mm and 75mm tall)
  • 1x Rocks_Outcrops_-_04 (93x113mm and 58mm tall)


The designs are compatible with games such as Warhammer 40,000, Infinity, Kill Team, Star Wars Legion, Judge Dredd, Stargrave, Necromunda, Fallout Wasteland, etc.

This is a 3D printable product (.stl file) – No physical items are provided.   It is ready to print on your home FDM printer and does not require supports.

FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY (Please see terms & conditions).