Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy RPG Tokens – Pack One STL


50+ different, 3D printable tokens that are great for mapping out and running fantasy RPG encounters for games such as Dungeons & Dragons.  A great alternative to minis!

Each token is 1inch diameter but can be re-scaled for your specific needs.  Also includes condition rings to highlight and mark miniatures and tokens.

STL Files – All prices in AUD


3D Printable Tokens & Objectives

Introducing a HUGE collection of essential RPG tokens, a must-have for any DM! This STL treasure trove boasts over 50 intricately designed 3D printable tokens, designed to elevate your encounters in Dungeons & Dragons, Frostgrave, Pathfinder, and other fantasy RPG adventures.

From character tokens to objective markers, loot to atmospheric effects, this set is your key to immersive tabletop battles. Crafted with precision, each token sports a compact 1-inch diameter, seamlessly fitting into your gaming grid or encounter map. These tokens are also easily resizable to cater to your gaming preferences.

This set also includes full and half sized condition rings, to help mark and identify status designation for both miniatures and tokens alike.

Whether you’re facing off against monsters, bosses, or navigating through intricate dungeons, our collection ensures your tabletop experience is nothing short of epic. Unleash your creativity and conquer new realms with our comprehensive array of D&D tokens and accessories.


Printable Infinity Objectives

This set includes the following RPG tokens ad STL files:

  • 1x Marker Ring FULL
  • 1x Marker Ring HALF
  • 1x Numbers 1-5
  • 1x Ale
  • 1x Armour
  • 1x Arrow
  • 1x Axe
  • 1x Bard
  • 1x Barrel
  • 1x Bat
  • 1x Blank
  • 1x Bottle
  • 1x Bow
  • 1x Brain
  • 1x Chest
  • 1x Cross
  • 1x Daggers
  • 1x Door Closed
  • 1x Door Open
  • 1x Flame
  • 1x Ghost Bad
  • 1x Ghost Good
  • 1x Hand
  • 1x Helmet
  • 1x Hood
  • 1x Human Man
  • 1x Human Woman
  • 1x Monster
  • 1x Music
  • 1x Mystery (?)
  • 1x North
  • 1x Potion
  • 1x Pouch
  • 1x Rat
  • 1x Ring
  • 1x Royal
  • 1x Scroll
  • 1x Shield
  • 1x Skull
  • 1x Skull Wings
  • 1x Spellbook
  • 1x Spider
  • 1x Sword
  • 1x Symbol 01
  • 1x Teeth
  • 1x Trap
  • 1x Unknown (!)
  • 1x Water Drop
  • 1x Wizard Hat
  • 1x Wolf


This is a 3D printable product (.stl file) – No physical items are provided.

FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY (Please see terms & conditions).

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