Desert Settlement – Dwellings STL


A collection of 9 desert themed terrain pieces. This STL terrain pack includes three different sized buildings with removable rooftops and doors, in addition to modular stairs and archways, so it’s perfect for Star Wars Legion or other tabletop wargames.

Prints without supports!

STL Files – All prices in AUD


Desert Themed Terrain

Build your desert city with this set of weather beaten, Adobe buildings.  They feature sci-fi widgets, piping, control panels and vents so fit perfect in your galactic battles or desert planets.

3D printable Scenery for Skirmish Games

This set includes the following STL files:

  • 1x Archway (48x90mm and 56mm tall)
  • 1x Desert Dwelling-A-Base (187x183mm and 58mm tall)
  • 1x Desert Dwelling-A-Roof (184x181mm and 13mm tall)
  • 1x Desert Dwelling-B-Base (181x100mm and 59mm tall)
  • 1x Desert Dwelling-B-Roof (181x94mm and 24mm tall)
  • 1x Desert Dwelling-C-Base (58x94mm and 95mm tall)
  • 1x Desert Dwelling-C-Roof (13x91mm and 94mm tall)
  • 1x Door (37x3mm and 51mm tall)
  • 1x Steps (55x57mm and 72mm tall)

*approx dimensions


The designs are compatible with games such as Warhammer 40,000, Infinity, Kill Team, Boarding Actions, Star Wars Legion, Judge Dredd, Stargrave, Marvel Crisis Protocol, Necromunda, Fallout Wasteland, etc.

This is a 3D printable product (.stl file) – No physical items are provided.

FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY (Please see terms & conditions).

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