Printable Terrain is the Future

Printable terrain is the future

With the global 3D printer market generating around 11.1 USD Billion in 2021 and expected to grow to 35.36 USD Billion by 2028, it’s clear that 3D printing is here to stay and tabletop gaming has been a strong supporter of absorbing this technology into the hobby space.

With 3D printable terrain Kickstarters such as Flatline City frequently funding over $100,000 we have to admit that 3D printable terrain and miniatures are the future of tabletop gaming.

Let’s explore exactly why 3D printing your wargaming terrain is becoming a standard.

Terrain for Wargaming

Broadly speaking, tabletop gaming hobbyists don’t mind a bit of tinkering so moving sideways into the 3D printing hobby isn’t far off and the rewards are great:

  • 3D printing miniatures & terrain is cheaper than buying store-bought alternatives
  • When you buy the STL files, you can print as much as you like
  • 3D printing terrain supports independent designers and studios
  • New game systems by smaller designers will surface as a result of consumer lead manufacturing

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Is 3D Printing Bad for the Environment?

While 3D printing on FDM printers such as the Ender 3 still uses PLA (plastic) as the material and electricity as the energy behind the process, 3D printing is much more environmentally friendly that other production methods:

  • The terrain is usually manufactured by the end-user so less logistics is involved
  • Solar power is becoming more widely adopted as a power source
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“PLA is a bio-degradable plastic material that has gained traction with 3D printing for this very reason”

MDF Scenery Vs 3D Printed Terrain

MDF Terrain

  • Requires building / gluing
  • Lacks detail
  • Physical Purchase
  • Harder to paint
  • Requires expensive laser cutter

3D Printed Terrain

  • Print as much as you like
  • No building or cleanup
  • Great detail
  • Vary the size of the models
  • Requires cheaper 3D Printers

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