New Terrain Building Software: Prepare to BeamDown

BeamDown Kickstarter Launching Soon

What is BeamDown?

BeamDown is a revolutionary new terrain building software platform that lets you custom build and 3D print your own designs from an expanding and dynamic library of components designed by our studio team. The system automatically controls which parts are compatible so you can concentrate on what’s important; generating terrain that fits your narrative.

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Key Features:

  • Custom build terrain
  • Easy to use software interface – No 3D modelling experience required!
  • Save and edit your designs
  • Build as much terrain as you like
  • Built on a library of 1,700+ components (and growing)
  • Delivers 3D printable STL files, optimised for FDM printing
beamdown terrain building software

BeamDown is an Evolving Eco-System

This platform is designed to grow and make the expanding library compaitble with existing assets. Powered by a dynamic, custom built back-end, the development team has created a system that is built for fast expansion.

What Can BeamDown Build?

Upon launching, BeamDown will primarily focus on sci-fi terrain suitable for games such as Warhammer 40k, Corvus Belli’s Infinity, Necromunda, Stargrave, etc but modern buildings are also included for games such as Marvel Crisis Protocol. This means you can build:

  • Custom modular buildings
  • Spaceship layouts
  • Bunkers and tunnel systems
  • Platforms and more!

Build these structures as big or as small as you like and there are a ton of walls, floors, rooftops and templates to match specific terrain compatibilities. We’ve even included removable doorways and playable interiors – All of which are customisable and expandable.

How does BeamDown work?

You can work with core structural frameworks and customise the theme and individual as you like, or build you own by combining with a combination of assets and features. BeamDown lets you drag and drop core structural components such as walls, platforms and flooring. These are then built upon using additive components and features such as wall panels, pipes, widgets and more!

When is BeamDown being launched?

BeamDown will be launched on Kickstarter late 2022 and released early 2023. It will continue to grow as a platform with an expanding library of assets.

The core software has already been built and a large database of models has been designed. The project roadmap over the upcoming months is to finalise wider testing, add even more functionality and expand the model library even further based on community feedback.

Want to review Beamdown?

If you have a channel or platform that showcases new releases for 3D printing or tabletop gaming and would like to feature BeamDown, please get in touch. to discuss more information and early access.

Becoming a tester

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BeamDown is an ambitious and exciting project with a slate of new features used to build custom, 3D printable tabletop terrain. These features will be tested within the community by gamers with access to 3D printers.