Necromunda Terrain Ideas & Tips

necromunda terrain ideas

Necromunda is absolutely dripping in theme and packed with opportunities for incredible narrative game-play. As a popular skirmish game, the battlefields are often full of verticality, walkways, scatter terrain and twisting pipelines, all of these can even be 3D printed as cheap terrain on a 3D printe3 . In these Necromunda terrain ideas and tips, We’ll explore ways in which you can create, build and set-up your perfect Necromunda table by discussing various terrain ideas.

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What theme is Necromunda?

Set in the 40K universe, Necromunda is set in the guts of the Underhive or in the desolate Ash Wastes. It is heavily themed around decaying technology, gothic architecture, overworked industrial environments and the gritty, Grim Dark setting of Warhammer 40,000.

Necromunda Terrain Ideas

Chem Vats & Storage Tanks

Bubbling toxic waste in giant vats with tentatively placed walkways, stacked liquid storage containers with ladders and small explosive fuel barrels all add line of sight blocking terrain or provide cover to your battlefield.

Add Posters to Your Terrain

You can get some great posters to print on your home printer and they make your underhive scenery look lived in and full of character. Adding these tabletop scenics are an easy win to any terrain piece!

necromunda terrain with posters
Close up of the posters in the Underhive (credit WolvoNeil)

Get FREE Necromunda posters here

Walkways, Ramps & Stairs

A solid variety of modular walkways with different configurations for railings with stairways, ladders and ramps is essential. Consider having damaged versions and even hinged walkways for easy set-ups.

Industrial Platforms

These are an easy way to add height and variety to a board and modular platforms allow you to set-up different configurations.


Add some additional cover by placing machinery around the battlefield.


Modular Piping as terrain is an easy win, they can sprawl outwards, offering cover throughout the battlefield, rise upwards past walkways and gantries or wrap around walkways to offer additional platforms or cover. Consider adding broken sections of pipe and manifolds to allow for interesting variation along the pipe’s route.

Wreckage & Ruins

What scenery collection would be complete without some kind of damaged building, downed spaceship or vehicle fragments. Below you can see some 3D printed terrain examples for Necromunda.

Walls & Barricades

Quick and easy cover can be placed using barricades or modular wall sections. We recommend free-standing wall terrain that can be attached and customised. Consider including gateways, movable barriers and sections with varying height and features.

Supply Crates & Cargo

Used as line of sight blocking terrain, objectives or just basic cover, supply crates, shipping containers and cargo pallets are a quick and easy way to get terrain on your table.

Playable Interiors

Playing a skirmish game in an interior setting is a great way to shake things up. The tight corners and claustrophobic environment might get you hooked! It’s definitely worth investing in some modular interiors shich could include Serwers, abandoned bunkers, Underhive Tunnels or Gang Hideouts.


Hab blocks, factory buildings, industrial storage facilities and merchant stalls are just some of the buildings found the the Underhive. Consider having different sized structures and a selection of building footprints. The Flatline City terrain series in an excellent example of how buildings can be easily customised.

Meat Grinders

The Underhive is miserable… reflect this on your table with the corpse grinding recycling machines

Corpse Grinder Terrain 3D printed

Billboards & Signage

Adding signs to your tabletop game give you extra cover and terrain variety. Freestanding billboards can be placed around the battlefield or added to rooftops or walkways to provide extra cover. You can 3D print a range of signs or get some FREE printable posters to print and glue to billboard models.

Urban Scatter

Every city needs objects scattered around to add cover. This could include seating, market stalls, vending machines, signs and more!

Tell your story…

Build your table around your narrative and potential missions. When playing a Necromunda campaign, plan ahead and prepare something unique by researching Necromunda terrain ideas. If you own a 3D printer, you can quickly obtain stl files for terrain and print them out very cheaply.

Combining some of the terrain ideas above, you could bring it all together to create any of the following:

  • Gang hideout
  • Enforcer district
  • Supply warehouse
  • Toll road of protected tunnel eterance
  • Manufactorum
  • Hab block
  • Vehicle repair bay
  • Market district

What is the board size for Necromunda?

Necromunda is usually played on a 2×2′, 3×3′ or 4×4′ boards depending on the size of your game. Often people use 12×12″ ‘zone mortalis’ boards. Themed game mats or 3D printable floor tiles are available to suit your terrain.

Cheap Necromunda Terrain

Getting a large collection of quality Necromunda terrain doesn’t have to be expensive. We recommend 3D printing all your terrain as you can get a lot of scenery from even a single spool of PLA filament and an entry level 3D printer such as the Creality Ender 3.

3D Printed Necromunda Terrain

You can get incredible results on very cheap 3D printers now. Getting started 3D printing for tabletop terrain is easier than you think and stl files are readily available for a range of terrain.

Necromunda STL Files

Grab Some Airbrush Stencils