Interactive terrain features you should be using

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Get the best tabletop gaming terrain on your gaming table with interactive features such as removable doors, modular construction, LED integration and more!

Hinged or removable doors for terrain

Imagine your troops storming a fortified stronghold, only to encounter a locked door standing in their way and it takes an action to unlock… this could be game changing!

Interactive doors work great for:

  • Warhammer 40,000: Boarding Actions
  • Corvus Belli’s Infinity
  • Stargrave
  • Neecromunda

With interactive terrain, you can add hinged doors to your gaming table, creating realistic obstacles and opportunities for strategic decision-making. Whether it’s a dungeon entrance or a futuristic facility, hinged doors add an element of surprise and tactical depth to your battles.

3d printable terrain removable blast doors
hinged door terrain stl boarding actions

Above examples from the Assault Series Terrain range

Modular Walls, floors and Corners: Build Your Perfect Battlefield

Flexibility is key when it comes to tabletop wargaming. Modular walls and corners allow you to create customizable terrain layouts that suit your unique battlefield scenarios whether as the foundations to large platforms or playable interiors for games such as Boarding Actions. Interlocking pieces can be easily rearranged, giving you the freedom to design intricate mazes, cover points, and line-of-sight blockers. Create diverse landscapes that challenge your tactical skills and keep your opponents guessing.

Modular building components are great for:

  • Warhammer 40,000
  • Star Wars Legion
  • Stargrave
  • Neecromunda
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Above examples from the Zectonium Prison Mines terrain range

Custom Walkways: Gain the Tactical High Ground

Strategic elevation and the option to hide large units can be a game-changer on the battlefield. Interactive terrain with modular construction offers custom platforms and walkways that allow you to create vantage points, sniper nests, and watchtowers. Build multi-level battlefields where positioning and vertical advantage become key factors in your tactical decision-making. Whether it’s a sci-fi cityscape or a fantasy fortress, these platforms will elevate your gaming experience.

Above examples from the Flatline City terrain range

Elevators with Moving Platforms: Rise to New Heights

Introducing another exciting addition to our interactive terrain collection: elevators with moving platforms. Now, you can add vertical movement to your battles, allowing your miniatures to ascend and descend with ease. These elevators feature functional platforms that can be raised or lowered during gameplay, offering dynamic tactical advantages and dramatic battlefield scenarios. Whether it’s a towering citadel or a high-tech facility, elevators with moving platforms bring a whole new dimension to your tabletop wargames.

Freight Elevator movable terrain 1

Above examples from the Zectonium Prison Mines terrain range

LED Integration: Illuminate Your Gaming Experience

To truly immerse yourself in the world of tabletop wargaming, you could consider integrating LED lighting into your terrain projects. Illuminate your structures with customizable lighting effects, setting the mood and enhancing the atmosphere of your battles. LED integration in your terrain adds a whole new dimension to your gaming experience.

See more LED integrated terrain here


With a collection of interactive terrain at your disposal, the possibilities are endless. By using our 3D printable STL files, you have the freedom to create, customize, and transform your gaming table into a captivating battlefield. Hinged doors, modular walls, custom platforms, opening hatchways, stackable platforms, and LED integration all combine to elevate your gameplay, adding depth, immersion, and excitement to your tabletop wargaming sessions. Don’t just play the game—immerse yourself in it with our interactive terrain. Visit our website and explore our vast collection of 3D printable STL files today to take your tabletop battles to the next