Improve MDF Terrain with 3D Printed Greebles

improve mdf terrain with 3d printed greebles

MDF terrain is cheap and easy terrain but lacks the detail and features of 3D printed scenery. If you have access to a 3D printer, you can customise your plain old wooden scenery into something awesome, just by adding a few thematic greebles!

What are greebles?

Greebles are the bits and bobs that add depth and detail to your model. Just think what a Star Destroyer would look like without all the boxes, pipes, conduits and panels… pretty boring right?

Greebles 3

Kitbash your terrain projects with sci-fi greebles!

Sci-fi terrain really pops when you start adding smaller details to break up the blank form. Consider adding the following elements to your buildings or terrain:

  • Vents
  • Doorways & doorframes
  • Windows & shutter
  • Machinery
  • Hatches
  • Pipes
  • Sagging cables
  • Panels (45 & 90° corners)
  • Consoles and keypads

Builders greebles for DIY terrain

The base of your DIY terrain can be made from any number of materials such as MDF, foam core, cardboard, etc but a collection of greebles is super-useful thing for any kit-basher or DIY terrain builder to have. They can be used to quickly add detail to spaceships, buildings, tunnels, vehicles and more! Your greebles can be reclaimed from your bits box but it’s best to 3D print them to get the perfect size and thematic match.

Resin printed wargames terrain

3D printing your terrain parts can be done with either resin or FDM printers but they both have pros and cons. For these smaller greeble parts, it is recommended that you printer them on a resin printer as the results will be much better quality.

3D printable greebles – STL bundles

You can purchase bundles of 3D printable terrain greebles here. They can also be scaled to a size that matches your project. You can also see some recommended products below:

MDF vs 3D printed terrain

When it comes to affordable wargaming terrain, the clash between traditional MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) scenery and the rising star of 3D printing sparks a debate for many wargamers. While MDF offers sturdy structures and pre-designed layouts, 3D printing unleashes a world of limitless options, allowing gamers to sculpt intricate landscapes and tailor-made structures with unparalleled detail, freedom to resize, mirror and duplicate. As the realm of wargaming evolves, 3D printing stands at the forefront, offering enthusiasts the tools to bring their battlefield visions to life with unprecedented precision and personalization.