How to Include Add-ons to Kickstarter Pledges

FLC Add Ons

Add-ons are additional sets offered at discount bundle pricing that can be purchased when you back a Kickstarter project. See our latest Kickstarter at

To include an add-on to your pledge, follow these steps:

1 – Back the Project

Click the green button labelled ‘Back this project


2 – Select Your Reward

Here you can choose your specific pledge, E.G. ‘All in’.

image 1

3 – Configure Reward

At this stage you can bundle the Add-ons. Just click the ‘Add’ buttons to include extra discounted sets to your pledge.

image 2

4 – Log in and Pledge!

Continue to you login / registration. Remember that you can add or remove items from your pledge at any time before it ends – Thanks for your support!

image 3
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