How Much Terrain can you Print with one Roll of PLA Filament?

how much terrain can 1kg PLA print

Ever wondered exactly how much terrain you can print with a single roll of PLA filament? We often get asked by those new to 3D printing for tabletop gaming, how much PLA filament they will need to print their new set of 3D printable terrain. So, we grabbed a roll of 1KG PLA+ filament from our friends at 3D Meta and put it to the test!

It took almost 156 hours to use the entire roll but we got 23 different pieces of scenery printed – Enough to comfortably fill a 3×3 table or at a push, make for a less dense 4×4 game.

What terrain did we print?

For this test we used a selection of 3D printable Sci-Fi terrain from our Saucermen Studios range. It includes a selection of cargo pallets and modular, buildings with battle damage theme.

All of the models print without supports so will avoid unnecessary wastage of PLA Filament.

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1kg PLA test prints

What hardware and materials did we use?

We printed all of the terrain in this test on a Creality Ender 3, with basic upgrades such a glass bed and improved springs. The filament was silver PLA+ from 3D Meta.

What settings did we use on our 3D Printer?

We used Cura as the slicer, connected to the printer with Octoprint. You can see more about or recommended 3D printer settings here.

Print settings:

standard print quality

0. 2mm layer height

5% infill

How long did it take to print

Below is a breakdown of the print times for each model. They had a total combined print time of 155+ hours (6.5 days).

  • Cargo Pallet (Large A) – 13hrs 9mins
  • Cargo Pallet (Large B) – 10hrs 50mins x2
  • Cargo Pallet (Med A) – 9hrs 42mins x3
  • Cargo Pallet (Med B) – 5hrs 44mins
  • Cargo Pallet (Small A) – 2 hrs 21mins x3
  • Cargo Pallet (Small B) – 1 hrs 30mins x3
  • Battle Damaged Building (A) – 11hrs 53mins
  • Battle Damaged Building (B) – 15hrs 2mins
  • Battle Damaged Building (C) – 12hrs 40mins
  • Battle Damaged Building (F) – 12hrs 10mins
  • Battle Damaged Roof (A) – 4hrs 43mins
  • Battle Damaged Roof (B) – 6hrs 33mins
  • Battle Damaged Roof (E) – 9hrs 10mins
  • Battle Damaged Floor – 3hrs 4mins
  • Accessory Ring B – 3hrs 43mins
  • Railing & Walkway – 3hrs 59mins

TOTAL = 155hrs 40mins

3D Printed Terrain Reults: Close-Up

Did we get any print failures?

No, what you see is the full output. Occasionally prints do fail, but during this test all prints were successful.

Is 3D printed terrain worth it?

3D printable scenery for games such as Warhammer 40k, Infinity the game and other tabletop systems is growing in popularity (some may even say it’s the future!) and now is a great time to choose a 3D printer for your terrain.

Below are some of the reasons 3D printed terrain is definitely worth it:

  • Print as much as you like
  • 3D printable terrain is cheap
  • Scale, flip and adjust the output of the printed terrain
  • Support independent designers