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3d printable display plinth kickstarter

If you’re a miniature enthusiast, collector, or painter, you probably know the struggle of finding the perfect way to showcase or photograph your prized minis – Now you can display your minis in all their glory! Our new range of Hero-Stand Display Plinths, is a modular system designed to bring your characters to life in captivating displays tailored to your needs. Mix and match sections such as bases, columns, floor inserts and walls to create your perfect display backdrop.


These 3D-printable plinths are the ultimate solution for creating impressive dioramas and showcasing your miniatures in all their glory. With a wide range of interchangeable walls, columns, bases, and flooring options, the possibilities are endless.

display plinth for miniatures

Imagine constructing your own unique display, perfectly sized and shaped to complement your miniatures. The core set includes over 100 modular sections in various diameter sizes, ranging from 60mm to 120mm, with more unlocked through stretch goals. But the customization doesn’t stop there – choose from multiple themes, including several new fantasy options unlocked as stretch goals. We’ve even unlocked round, square and squad sized plinths!

Hundreds of stretch goals unlocked!

All backers will receive 340+ STL files which includes the Core Set and tons of extra bonus sets. See what’s been unlocked below.

Display Plinths Stretch Goal UNLOCKS 17 stretch goals

Lots more to be unlocked – See them here!

Insert lighting & atmospheric effects

One of the standout features of these plinths is the ability to incorporate lighting and atmospheric effects. The base and columns are hollow, allowing you to place lights or other elements inside, which can then shine through certain flooring options, creating a truly immersive display.

And the best part? These plinths are designed for easy assembly and printing. The components fit together seamlessly without clips, and they can be printed without supports on both FDM and resin printers. While glue isn’t necessary, you can use it for permanent builds if desired.

Photography Backdrops for miniatures

Our Hero-Stand Display Plinths aren’t just for displaying your miniatures—they also double as versatile photography backdrops! With their customizable design and modular construction, these plinths provide the perfect setting for capturing stunning photos of your miniatures in action.

Simply arrange your miniatures on the plinth to create dynamic scenes, then adjust the interchangeable walls, columns, bases, and flooring to suit your desired backdrop. Whether you’re recreating epic battles, crafting immersive dioramas, or showcasing individual characters, our plinths offer endless possibilities for creative photography.

With the option to add lights or other atmospheric effects inside the hollow bases and columns, you can enhance your photos with dramatic lighting and ambiance. Plus, our detailed instructions ensure easy assembly, so you can focus on capturing the perfect shot.


Miniature display stands

Whether you’re a proud hobbyist, display painter, miniature collector, or simply someone who appreciates the art of dioramas, Hero-Stand Display Plinths offer a truly unique and customizable way to showcase your passion.

3D printable display plinth and dioramas scaled

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your miniature displays to new heights. Follow Saucermen Studios’ projects, subscribe to their newsletter, and explore the commercial license options available for those interested in printing and selling these designs.

Elevate your miniatures and bring them to life with Hero-Stand Display Plinths – the ultimate modular display system for miniature enthusiasts.

Printed examples of the modular display plinths & dioramas

Monnu Bains Display Plinth
Examples printed by Monnu Bains

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