Grim-Dark Sci-fi Audio Fiction

grimdark audio fiction audiobook

Join us on a thrilling journey into the heart of ‘The Zectonium Prison Mines‘ (our latest 3D printable tabletop terrain set) in a short series of audio fiction.

If you love grim-dark scifi fiction such as Black Library Audiobooks, you should check out this audio project inspired by our latest tabletop terrain set where the gripping, short-audio adventure takes you to a brutal, off-world mining facility where hope is scarce, and secrets are guarded fiercely.

Follow Prisoner P19-5X3 as he navigates this unforgiving landscape, facing desperate inmates, battles for precious minerals, and encounters with enigmatic ancient ruins. Amidst the smog and chaos, the new inmate’s destiny unfolds, testing their resilience and spirit.

With heart-pounding suspense and atmospheric soundscapes, immerse yourself in this enthralling tale of survival and exploration. Unearth the hidden mysteries within the Zectonium Prison Mines, but beware of darker forces lurking in the shadows.

Put on your headphones and venture into the depths of ‘The Zectonium Prison Mines: Unearth the Secrets.’

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