FREE A.I Generated Terrain Posters!

Free scifi terrain posters genertaed by AI

In addition to working on our upcoming, incredible, super secret project, we’ve been doing a lot of experiments, research and playing at the studio. Much of this experimentation has to do with how A.I can be used in tabletop gaming and RPG as a tool for gameplay and storytelling.

We decided to test these A.I tools out to generate a range of terrain sized posters.

“What could be more cyberpunk than AI generated art!”

Download the posters here

Printable Posters for terrain

You can get our latest FREE release of printable sci-fi artwork below. it includes 32 highly stylised pieces of artwork generated using Artificial Intelligence tools. It includes posters for fast food, vehicles, robots, professional services and MORE!

Used these posters? We’d LOVE to see them!
Tag us #saucermen studios or send us the pics of your terrain!

Cyberpunk Terrain

These posters are designed for games such as Corvus Belli’s Infinity, Necromunda, Warhammer 40k and many other Cyberpunk tabletop games. You can see more of our terrain here.

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