Creating Necromunda Tiles

3D printing Necromunda Tiles Terrain

With the recent launch of the popular DarkHyve Assault terrain set, we wanted to explore how this modular terrain set can be used to create 3D printable Necromunda tiles, that are used in a similar way to Zone Mortallis by Games Workshop.

We’ll be using models from a handful of sets to create the following Necromunda terrain tile. It is hugely customisable and can be easily modified with the push-fit and stackable sections.

12 inch necromunda tile A Front

How big are Necromunda Tiles?

Typically, Necromunda tiles are 12x12inches. They are often combined to create tables that are 36×36 inches (three feet) or 48×48 inches (four foot).

In this article, we’ll look at building a single 12x12in Floor Tile with terrain that be used to get you started on your own project.

Building the Perfect Necromunda Table

Crafting a tabletop worthy of Necromunda’s gritty battles requires a few key elements to set the stage for epic conflicts in the underhive. These include:

  • Vertical platforms / Different levels
  • Scatter terrain
  • Walls
  • Doorways
  • Plenty of corners and cover options
12 inch necromunda tile A Back

What we’ll be using

In this example, we’ll be using models from the DarkHyve Assault terrain range. Specifically, the following 3D printable terrain sets:

12 inch necromunda tile A Parts

3D print all the parts

Using the sets above, print out the following models:

  • 1x Platform_A_02
  • 8x Platform_A_01
  • 2x Floor_B_02
  • 1x Door_Hinged_02
  • 1x Insert_01
  • 1x Insert_02
  • 1x Insert_03
  • 1x Insert_05
  • 2x Insert_07
  • 4x Insert_08
  • 4x Insert_09
  • 2x Insert_12
  • 4x Junction_01-Peg
  • 3x Junction_02-Peg
  • 1x Junction_03
  • 4x Junction_03-Peg
  • 4x Platform_Filler_A_02
  • 1x Wall_A_05
  • 1x Wall_A_09
  • 1x Wall_A_11
  • 1x Wall_A_15
  • 1x Wall_A_18
  • 3x Wall_A_23
  • 1x Wall_A_26
  • 1x Wall_A_27
  • 1x Wall_A_30
  • 2x Wall_A_22
  • 5x Insert_14
  • 1x Hatch
  • 2x Platform_Filler_B_07

Build guides & Instructions

We’ve got detailed instructions, parts lists and even build guides to help yo find, print, use and set-up your 3D printable terrain. Get them here.

Alternate Builds

With hundreds of models available for the DarkHyve Assault set, there’s a huge variety of options. Below is another set-up.

12 inch necromunda tile B Layouts

3D printed parts for the above 12 inch tile build

  • 4x Platform_A_01
  • 2x Platform_A_02
  • 12x Junction_02-Peg
  • 4x Double_Length_Beam_01
  • 2x Double_Height_Gothic_Windows_01
  • 2x Double_Height_Gothic_Windows_02
  • 4x Insert_001
  • 8x Insert_04
  • 4x Insert_06
  • 4x Insert_15
  • 3x Platform_A_03
  • 2x Floor_A_01
  • 3x Insert_005
  • 1x Insert_008
  • 1x Insert_01
  • 1x Insert_02
  • 2x Junction_01-Peg
  • 2x Topper-A_07
  • 1x Wall_A_27
12 inch necromunda tile B Parts
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