Using & Airbrush Stencils

What Are Airbrush Stencils?

Airbrush stencils make painting scenery, miniatures, props, robots, vehicles and other painting projects much easier. They are used by hobbyists and studio painters across the world and allow you to achieve limitless customisation by offering complex shapes and thematic patterns, all of which can be quickly and easily applied will very little skill.

How to use Airbrush Stencils

  1. Ensure your hands are clean before use
  2. If using adhesive stencil, delicately remove your stencil from the backing sheet
  3. Position your stencil onto the clean & dry painting surface
  4. Firmly hold or stick the stencil onto the surface to avoid paint leakage
  5. Apply your paint onto the project
  6. Carefully remove the stencil from the painting surface
  7. For re-use, carefully place the stencil onto the backing sheet

Materials: Adhesive Vinyl vs. Durable Flex

Adhesive Vinyl


Low tack adhesive vinyl material that allows super-sharp lines but limited re-usability.

Use When:

  • Your painting surface is uneven or varied in shape
  • You need an adhesive material to stick to your surface
  • You need super sharp paint lines
  • Re-usability isn’t too important

Durable Flex


Strong, re-usable and flexible film material that is quick and easy to use.

Use When:

  • You have a flat painting surface
  • You need a durable stencil
  • You want your stencil to last for a long time


Airbrush stencils come in a variety of designs, with each stencil offering a range if icons, decals and shapes that share a common theme.



Airbrush stencils are great to use on a variety of surfaces and can flex, wrap and bend around most shapes. Vinyl stencils provide the best versatility as they can be manipulated to fit into the tightest of places and even heated with a hair dryer for extra moldability. Flex stencils are still able to wrap around larger organic shapes.

How Are Stencils Made?

Good quality airbrush stencils are machine cut with precision hardware.

Do I Need An Airbrush

Air brushes will give the best results for stencils but you can also use sponges, rattle-can and brushes, however the results won’t be as strong.

Custom Airbrush Stencils

These are the general guidelines we suggest for custom stencils:
– Your design must be provided as a single colour vector (.ai / .eps / .svg)
– Our machines cut around each shape in your artwork, so merging overlapped objects is required
– Consider how stencils work, you need gaps for certain shapes (otherwise they just fall out the stencil)
– Avoid thin connecting lines as these may to break
– You must own rights to use the design. We will not cut images that infringe copyright

Buying Airbrush Stencils

Gifts for Geeks

Stuck for what to buy your favorite geeky friend or partner?

Luckily, there’s a couple of easy choices to suit a small or larger budget, guaranteed to put a smile on their face. Nerd life for the win!


Think of dice like the geeky equivalent to a bunch of flowers.  Everyone loves them, they look cool and come in a variety of shapes and styles.

You don’t have to be a hardcore gamer to enjoy dice, and gamers can never have too many of them. 

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Dice in packet D4 D6 D8 D12 D2

Game mats

Does your geeky crush or gaming buddy appreciate the immersion of tabletop gaming?  If so, they’ll probably love a gaming mat!  Sometimes known as a ‘Battle Mat’, these highly stylized and portable surfaces bring the wargaming experience to life.

A gaming mat can be used with miniatures games, card games and a variety of tabletop roleplaying games. Premium game mats will always have high resolution artwork with a durable and awesome looking rubber backed fabric.

Most games work great with a 4×4 foot gaming mat, but serious wargamers usually go with a larger 6×4 foot mat.

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Personalising your Gift

Consider customising the geeky gift with a personal message or name engraving. Saucermen Studios offers personalised messages on all their game mat tags. Click here for more information.

Where to Buy?

Based in Australia, Saucermen Studios is a highly recommended, online store for Gaming mats and tabletop game accessories. They stock a range of 6×4 and game mats with a huge selection of dice.

The team at Saucermern Studios are happy to discuss any products with you and can be contacted at

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Adding LEDs to Gaslands Cars

gaslands lighting led

We love Gaslands! It’s a cinematic, post-apocalyptic tabletop game that uses modded Hotwheels for the minis. It’s definitely in the Saucermen Studios top 5 games of 2019 because of the low starting cost, maker appeal and insanely fun group playability.

We recently started to explore the superfast, powersliding faction of the Japanese Miyazaki and wanted to really capture the spirit of Tokyo drift cars so cracked open the electronics set and added some LED lighting to our cars.

gaslands led lighting car

Adding lighting to a Gaslands vehicle is very easy and affordable. All you need is:

  • One Hotwheels Car
  • Dremel or manual cutting tool
  • One watch battery – We used a 3v CR2032
  • LEDs
modelling tools for converting gaslands
Tools: Car, battery, LEDS, cutting tools

Connecting the Lights & Power – The LEDs have a short leg that must conenct to the bottom (- Negative) side of the battery. You can just slip the battery between the two legs of the LED. Don’t worry if you mix up the connections, just swap it until it works. You can also cut the legs of the LED to suit and add more lights if needed.

led battery powered miniatures
Power!: LEDs clip onto the battery

Getting the Lights Inside the Car – Cut a hole in the bottom of the car and place the battery and connected LEDs inside.

led in miniature vehicle
Make a hole and insert the battery & lights
Light up gaslands
Gaslands building with lights

That’s it! Now you’re ready to powerslide your way to stylish victory!

Check out Gaslands, by Osprey Games at This article featured the ‘Dry Lands‘ and ‘Radiation Leak‘ 4×4 game mats by Saucermen Studios.

What Makes a Good Gaming Mat?

sci fi game mat

Battle mats have become essential accessories on the tables of tournaments, clubs, stores and home-gamers throughout the wargaming community.  Neoprene game mats are a clear favorite for gamers, but with mats coming in a range of materials and sizes, what makes a good gaming surface?

Types of gaming mat

Cloth Mats

These can feature great quality prints, be lightweight and easily folded away BUT they are prone to creases and can be awkward to play on.  They can be a cheaper option but the saving can lead to frustration later down the line when your minis are displaced by slippy material. Pinning them to the corner of a table can solve some of the lumps and bumps of playing on a cloth surface but it’s not perfect.  These material mats aren’t waterproof either and can stain easily.

Vinyl (banner material)

These are made from the same as outdoor banners.  They tend not to lie flat and can have a shiny surface.  Whilst they are waterproof and can be easily wiped clean, the surface is hard so dice ‘clunk’ around and any minis dropped on them could be damaged.  They are defiantly cheaper than the premium alternative but you’ll eventually wish you purchased a neoprene mat.  Vinyl battle mats should be rolled, not folded as this may permanently crease them.

Neoprene (mouse mat style)

These are the superior gaming surface recommended by many players around the world. Neoprene battle mats feature high quality printed surfaces and a sturdy rubber backing that grips to your table without making lumps or creases.  They are typically waterproof and are soft enough to protect any miniatures that may fall.  Cards feel great to play on the surface and dice roll eloquently.  They can be heavier and more expensive than lower quality alternatives but are far superior.

Table Set-Ups at Saucermen Studios

Check out some of the latest table set-ups we've been playing on!We have 17 game mat designs in multiple sizes, available from

Posted by Saucermen Studios on Sunday, 1 September 2019


Think of classic board game tiles.  While the artwork can be printed at high quality, the lifespan isn’t very long and large surfaces tend to be cut for folding.

What to look for in the best gaming mat


Depending on the games you play, you will want to purchase a game mat to complement the theme.  While fantasy players will most-likely want natural landscapes, sci-fi gamers may want cities or industrial flooring.  You should also consider what armies will play on the table and which terrain or scenery you have available to complement the mat’s design.


Neoprene gaming mats are usually rolled up and stored in bags where cloth mats are folded and can be packed away quite small.  A good carry case is useful which allows for portability and safe storage of your mats.


Different games have different play areas.  Warhammer 40,000 can be played on areas up to 6x4feet, whilst infinity has a 4×4 foot play area.  Smaller skirmish games such as Games Workshop’s Kill Team plays on a table area of 22×30 inches.  Think about the biggest possible play area you will need for the systems you play.  Large mats can be scaled down by folding, masking or even hanging off the table and even allow for variation in choosing which part to play on but small mats may quickly become outgrown if you decide to play larger games.


How quickly can your mat be set up?  A good neoprene gaming mat just needs to be unrolled or literally thrown onto the table whilst other need unfolding, flattening or even attaching to the table to remove creases.


Gaming mats have a range of quality.  Colour, print, materials and the artwork itself.  Ultimately you’ll want to get the mat in your hands but the next best thing is to look on forums and online community groups for close up images.  Buying from a reputable supplier is always a good option.


Consider the work case scenario when playing a game in terms of dirt and mess.  Sandy bits falling off scenery, food crumbs and even spilled drinks.  Neoprene and vinyl mats are incredibly easy to just wipe up and clean off with their hydrophobic (waterproof) coating, but other materials such as cloth or card will just absorb the nastiness.

Game mats in Australia?

See how people are using battle mats across Australia at

Saucermen Studios offer a range of battle mats using the highest quality materials.  They are based in Australia, with their studio based in Brisbane.  Saucermen studios gaming mats are compatible with Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, Corvus Belli’s Infinity, Malifaux, Warmachine, Star Wars Legion and many more systems.