BeamDown Demo: Quick-Frames & User Interface

3d printable terrain building software

In this preview, we’re demonstrating how easy it is to build custom 3D printable terrain with our upcoming software, BeamDown. This preview focuses on using the Quick-Frames tool-set which allows you to quickly and easily design custom 3D printable scenery from a library of components.

How do you make 3d printable scenery?

Typically, making 3D printable terrain requires a steep learning curve and experience using CAD or 3D modelling software such as Blender, 3D Studio Max or other commercial software. With BeamDown, you can start making 3D printable terrain for tabletop games in minutes! This software gives you access to a library FULL of components that you can use to build custom scenery to match your play style and narrative.

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What are Quick-Frames?

Quick-Frames are just one of the tools available within BeamDown. These per-defined shapes have everything ready to go with common features that you customise and expand upon. Quick-Frames typically come in a range of varieties such as standard sizes, double footprints, L-Shapes, squares and more! You can see in the video demonstration above how Quick-Frames are used to make custom tabletop terrain.

3D modelling terrain with a simple user interface

The U.I in BeamDown is incredibly easy to use and you can get started building custom terrain in minutes – No previous 3D modelling experience is required!

3D printable modular terrain made easy!

Many of the building components in BeamDown have customisable connection points that you can convert to sockets or connectors of your choice. For example, you can make your modular terrain connect by any of the following methods?

  • OpenLock clips
  • Magnets
  • Pegs & Sockets
3d printed terrain made wih beamdown terrain designer

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3D printed Warhammer terrain

There are numerous themes offered by BeamDown such as modular sci-fi buildings, custom gothic ruins, modern day buildings and more!