Marvel Crisis Protocol Terrain Sizes

marvel crisis protocol terrain sizes

Terrain in Marvel Crisis Protocol is associated with a size value. The terrain size represents the size and weight of the individual scenery piece. Full terrain rules can be found in the ‘Terrain’ section of the MCP rules from AMGs website.

Terrain in Marvel Crisis Protocol is Interactive. This means that certain characters can throw it, jump on it, fly above it, or just hide behind it!

We’ve compiled a list of the sizes with our suggestions for suitable terrain, all of which are available as STL files for you to download and 3D print (links below).

MCP Terrain Sizes Examples

Size 1 – Benches, Small Crates, Lampposts, etc

The examples above are all small pieces of scatter terrain that are most likely thrown by weaker characters or used as cover by smaller heroes. You can see vending machines, terminals, rooftop accessories and crates containing robots.

Size 2 – Dumpsters, Cryo Tubes, Cars, etc

As the scenery gets slightly larger, the features get more pronounced. You can see chunks of damaged cargo, teleporters, street vendor stalls, large computer desks and rooftop ducts.

Size 3 – Kiosks, Billboards, Food Trucks, etc

Vehicles and engine wreckage are shown above in addition to shipping containers buildings, larger industrial machinery and hi-tech advertising boards with LED integration.

Size 4 – Trucks, Market Stands, etc

These big terrain features are large enough to hide behind for most characters and on the heavier end of interactivity. Crashed fighter jets, scaffolding, caravans, junk piles, market stalls and spaceship wreckage are all great options!

Size 5 – Buildings, Monoliths, Pyramids, etc

These are the largest terrain pieces used in Marvel Crisis Protocol. We’ve shown some modular buildings, alien obelisks and some other themeatic structures.

Marvel Crisis Protocol STL files

3D printing terrain is a great idea for any tabletop gamer. You have the option to scale the STL file up or down to match a particular Marvel Crisis Protocol Terrain Sizes and even print as much as you like!

See Marvel Crisis Protocol STL files

How much terrain for marvel crisis protocol?

The MCP rules state that you should include a minimum of 12 terrain features. These should be a mix of the available sizes, but most be sized 2-4.

What size map for Crisis Protocol?

MCP is played on a 3×3′ game mat

Buy Marvel Crisis Protocol Terrain Packs

Saucermen Studios has a range of 3D printable terrain packs designed for games such as Marvel Crisis Protocol. The bundles include a large amount of terrain set around a particular theme. See some of the popular options below