How to Include Add-ons to Kickstarter Pledges

FLC Add Ons

Add-ons are additional sets offered at discount bundle pricing that can be purchased when you back a Kickstarter project. See our latest Kickstarter at

To include an add-on to your pledge, follow these steps:

1 – Back the Project

Click the green button labelled ‘Back this project


2 – Select Your Reward

Here you can choose your specific pledge, E.G. ‘All in’.

image 1

3 – Configure Reward

At this stage you can bundle the Add-ons. Just click the ‘Add’ buttons to include extra discounted sets to your pledge.

image 2

4 – Log in and Pledge!

Continue to you login / registration. Remember that you can add or remove items from your pledge at any time before it ends – Thanks for your support!


Redeeming Your Kickstarter STL Files


If you backed one of our Kickstarter Projects, you will receive an update from Kickstarter letting you know that the campaign has ended and that files will be distributed.

Soon after, you will receive an email from MyMiniFactory (MMF) with the subject of ‘You have been invited to redeem your kickstarter pledge!‘.

Inside the MMF email you can click ‘Redeem Here‘ to visit the distribution platform. Once there, you can create a new MMF account or log in with existing details.

The Kickstarter files will be available in

From the MMF Library > Campaigns section:

  1. Click on the pledge that you have backed (it will show a green heart and the status ‘Pledged’).
  2. Scroll through the available downloads included in that pledge.
  3. Click the ‘Download’ button for each set within the pledge.

Additional Support:

  1. MyMiniFactory offers customer support for all backers at
  2. Instructions for the terrain can be downloaded from Our Website 
  3. You can join our community group on Facebook to ask questions and showcase your prints
  4. Check the Changelogs to see if any models have been