Hero-Stand Display Plinths & Dioramas now LIVE on Kickstarter

3d printable display plinth kickstarter

If you’re a miniature enthusiast, collector, or painter, you probably know the struggle of finding the perfect way to showcase or photograph your prized minis – Now you can display your minis in all their glory! Our new range of Hero-Stand Display Plinths, is a modular system designed to bring your characters to life in captivating displays tailored to your needs. Mix and match sections such as bases, columns, floor inserts and walls to create your perfect display backdrop.


These 3D-printable plinths are the ultimate solution for creating impressive dioramas and showcasing your miniatures in all their glory. With a wide range of interchangeable walls, columns, bases, and flooring options, the possibilities are endless.

display plinth for miniatures

Imagine constructing your own unique display, perfectly sized and shaped to complement your miniatures. The core set includes over 100 modular sections in various diameter sizes, ranging from 60mm to 120mm, with more unlocked through stretch goals. But the customization doesn’t stop there – choose from multiple themes, including several new fantasy options unlocked as stretch goals. We’ve even unlocked round, square and squad sized plinths!

Hundreds of stretch goals unlocked!

All backers will receive 340+ STL files which includes the Core Set and tons of extra bonus sets. See what’s been unlocked below.

Display Plinths Stretch Goal UNLOCKS 17 stretch goals

Lots more to be unlocked – See them here!

Insert lighting & atmospheric effects

One of the standout features of these plinths is the ability to incorporate lighting and atmospheric effects. The base and columns are hollow, allowing you to place lights or other elements inside, which can then shine through certain flooring options, creating a truly immersive display.

And the best part? These plinths are designed for easy assembly and printing. The components fit together seamlessly without clips, and they can be printed without supports on both FDM and resin printers. While glue isn’t necessary, you can use it for permanent builds if desired.

Photography Backdrops for miniatures

Our Hero-Stand Display Plinths aren’t just for displaying your miniatures—they also double as versatile photography backdrops! With their customizable design and modular construction, these plinths provide the perfect setting for capturing stunning photos of your miniatures in action.

Simply arrange your miniatures on the plinth to create dynamic scenes, then adjust the interchangeable walls, columns, bases, and flooring to suit your desired backdrop. Whether you’re recreating epic battles, crafting immersive dioramas, or showcasing individual characters, our plinths offer endless possibilities for creative photography.

With the option to add lights or other atmospheric effects inside the hollow bases and columns, you can enhance your photos with dramatic lighting and ambiance. Plus, our detailed instructions ensure easy assembly, so you can focus on capturing the perfect shot.


Miniature display stands

Whether you’re a proud hobbyist, display painter, miniature collector, or simply someone who appreciates the art of dioramas, Hero-Stand Display Plinths offer a truly unique and customizable way to showcase your passion.

3D printable display plinth and dioramas scaled

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your miniature displays to new heights. Follow Saucermen Studios’ projects, subscribe to their newsletter, and explore the commercial license options available for those interested in printing and selling these designs.

Elevate your miniatures and bring them to life with Hero-Stand Display Plinths – the ultimate modular display system for miniature enthusiasts.

Printed examples of the modular display plinths & dioramas

Monnu Bains Display Plinth
Examples printed by Monnu Bains

Want a commercial licence for this set?

If you want to print and sell models from this Kickstarter, you need to back the campaign and set-up a Commercial Licence Subscription (paid monthly or annually). This single Commercial Licence also allows you to print and sell ANY Saucermen Studios models you have purchased from us.

Get your Commercial Licence here

In summary – by obtaining a single Commercial Licence, you are permitted to print and sell 3D printed copies of ANY Saucermen Studios models you have purchased from us, including our Kickstarters.  More information here.

DarkHyve Assault Terrain – Launching Soon on Kickstarter!

DarkHyve Assault terrain Kickstarter now live

We’re about to launch our SEVENTH, large 3D printable terrain bundle on Kickstarter. This unique printable scenery is compatible with other sets from our Assault Series terrain range which is ‘push-fit’ and easy to use. Mix & match walls, pillars, junctions, platforms, doors, accessories and thematic inserts to craft your ideal terrain setup that’s different every game!

DarkHyve assault terrain

Check out the pre-launch page here.

Ideal Necromunda Terrain

This wargaming terrain is designed for customised environments and the perfect backdrop for underworld gangs, ravaging cyber thugs, deep-space scavengers, vault dwellers, military squads, and other tabletop skirmish games with sci-fi themes.

Zectonium Prison Mines – Kickstarter Launch

Zectonium Prison Mines on Kickstarter

17 unlocked stretch goals

What is the Zectonium Prison Mines?

The Zectonium Prison Mines is a vast collection of 3D printable, Sci-fi terrain that gives you the creative freedom to build immersive industrial landscapes and brutal, off-world mining facilities. The modular terrain will ignite stories of daring prisoner escapes, battles over coveted minerals and explorations of enigmatic, ancient alien ruins as rival forces navigate through labyrinthine tunnels or engage in explosive conflicts along the elevated walkways and towers.

Back this project at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/saucermenstudios/zectonium-prison-mines

What is in the Kickstarter Pledge?

With a core set of 110+ models, this huge collection of terrain features an impressive level of detail and modularity.  Sections are interchangeable, so the theme and layout is chosen by you!  The additional 200+ stretch goal models expand the options by introducing more building components, mining infrastructure, minerals, vehicles, alien ruins, drilling machinery and much, much more.

Kickstarter Graphics

What can you build with Zectonium Prison Mines?

  • Large mining rigs with playable interiors
  • Terraforming facilities
  • Tall industrial towers with optional walkways
  • Interconnected factory buildings
  • Uncovered alien ruins
  • Industrial platforms
  • Prison Colonies
  • Outposts on alien worlds
Zectonium Prison Mines Mat Spin

How does it work?

Corners and walls slot together with the option of being glued, rooftops, flooring or platforms are then placed on top and securely stacked – Buildings, platforms and unique structures can be easily set-up from a choice of double-sided walls, corners, removable doors, rooftops and platform inserts. Walkways and additional components such as piping, railing, chimneys and machinery are then added.

Kickstarter Graphics How it works

Will it Print in Resin or FDM?

The STL files provided are ready to print on your home printer and have been optimized for FDM printers such as the Ender 3.  Prints have been tested and do not require supports or clean up, making the journey from print to table uncomplicated. Whilst we have optimised and tested on FDM printers, it is possible to print much of the set on a resin printer! Some objects may need to be scaled but many smaller objects such as walls, corners and 10x10cm rooftops & platforms would look incredible but depending on your plate size, larger models may need to be split.


About the Designer

Saucermen Studios have a history of producing large sets of high-end sci-fi terrain. They have previously launched several successful Kickstarter campaigns such as:

BeamDown Quick-Start Guide

BeamDown Quick Start Guide


Thanks for joining us as a BeamDown user! This is an evolving platform that we aim to grow and implement new features. We’ve designed BeamDown to be intuitive and for users to be able to build custom terrain with very little introduction and zero 3D modelling experience.

As a brand-new platform, you may encounter some minor bugs as we expand the functionality and asset library.

Latest News

We’re working on a LOT of new BeamDown features behind the scenes. Below are the features current in development:

  • Asset Store (for smaller packs & more sets)
  • Project Sharing
  • Back-end user management systems

Please see the Dev Roadmap for more.

Accessing BeamDown

Log into BeamDown at https://beamdown.saucermenstudios.com.au

New accounts will need to reset their password here

image 1

Basic Usage Guide

Key Principles

All assets are accessed from the pallet on the right hand side:

From the palette:

  1. Click a set
  2. Click a subheading to expand it
  3. Select an asset

When in BUILD MODE, There are TWO main building methods. these are specific to the set being used:

Freeform Builder

Drag and drop from the pallet to the build platform. Compatible parts will highlight GREEN & SNAP.

BeamDown Freeform

Used in the ‘Sci-fi Building Generator’ set

Quick Frames

Frames and roof sections are dragged from the pallet to the build platform.

BeamDown QuickFrames

Used in sets such as ‘Grid City’, ‘Modern Buildings’ and ‘Desert Houses’.


Freeform items can be snapped to compatible objects – You should never need to ‘manually’ attach objects. To automatically connect objects such as walls and floors :

  1. Drag an item from the palette
  2. Compatible objects will now display snap points (glowing white orbs)
  3. Hovering over a snap point will turn green to indicate it will connect
  4. Use the Q & E keys to rotate the object
  5. Click to attach the objects.
Snapping points

Mount Points

Once Freeform or Quick-Frame objects are placed on the build platform, you can select them to display ‘mount points’.

Black dots are mount points – Hover over a mount point to see what can be attached to it. Click it to display all compatible components in the palette. Click the component in the asset to attach it. Attached objects may have their own mount points to.

SELECTING SIMILAR MOUNT POINTS – Click on a mount point twice to select all similar Mount Points on that selection.

BeamDown Mount Points

How to build

  1. Log in to BeamDown here
  2. Ensure the ‘Build’ mode is active at the top of the screen
  3. Using the palette window on the right hand side, click on a set (EG ‘Grid City’), then click a title such as ‘Frame’ or ‘Wall’. This will show you all of the assets for that category.
  4. Click and drag an asset from the pallet onto the main grid area. You can also right click to clear your mouse.
  5. Click on the asset you placed onto the grid – Dots will appear. Hover you mouse over the dots to see what they are.
  6. Click on any of the dots (Mount Points) to reveal the assets that can be placed onto it. They will appear in the pallet where you can click them to place them (no need to drag and drop these).
  7. Drag items onto snap points from the pallet – Hover your mouse over the white orbs until they turn green.

Floorbuilder (Freeform)

Sets using the Freeform builder such as the ‘Sci-fi Building Generator’ can use the Floorbuilder which automatically adapts to the connected wall shape so that you build conforms to a 1in grid.

  1. Within a compatible set, select the Floorbuilder from the palette
  2. Drag your chosen floor style onto the build plate or snap to a compatible wall (it will turn green when snapped)
  3. The floor model will adapt to the snapped wall – Use the Q/E keys to rotate the floor and R key to change it’s theme
  4. Some floor pieces can be selected when placed to mount additional details

Note – Floor models have different styles and sizes


Editing Sockets:

Many walls and other components have areas for connection sockets such as magnets, pegs, OpenLock Clips etc. Not all models have sockets

  1. Select a model(s)
  2. Switch to ‘Socket’ mode at the top of the screen
  3. Click on a Mount Point to see the available sockets in the pallet. Select all Mount points by clicking twice on a Mount Point.
  4. Click on your chosen socket in the pallet.
BeamDown Sockets

Usage Controls

Selecting Models

  • You can drag a box around multiple models to select them all-together
  • To select an object mounted onto another, click multiple times on the area to move through the hierarchy

Keyboard & Mouse Controls

  • Q/E – Rotate selected object
  • LMB – Select object or Mount Point
  • RMB – Orbit view / Menu / Clear mouse
  • MMB – Pan view
  • Wheel – Zoom view
  • DEL – Delete selected object
  • F1 – Auto rotate around scene

Right-Click Menu

Radial Menu
  • Group (top) – Combine the selected models into one group for moving, exporting and saving
  • Copy (right) – Duplicate the selected models
  • Delete (bottom) – Trash the selected models
  • Move (left) – Move the selected objects to a new position
BeamDown Right Click Menu short

Saving Layouts (Blueprints)

Saving your build to the cloud is easy:

  1. Select all your models by dragging a box around them
  2. Right click your selection
  3. Choose ‘Group’ from the right click menu (top option)
  4. Switch to ‘Export’ mode at the top of the screen
  5. Name your build
  6. Click Save
Saving You Builds 1 1
Please noteSaucermen Studios hold no responsibility for missing saved files

Loading your Builds

Saved files are known as ‘Blueprints’. To load these from the cloud:

  1. Click the ‘Blueprints’ button at top right of the screen
  2. Select ‘My Builds’ in the popup window (top right)
  3. Locate your file and click Load
Loading Your Builds

Exporting STL Files

Downloading an STL file of your build is done in a similar way to saving:

  1. Select all your models by dragging a box around them
  2. Right click your selection
  3. Choose ‘Group’ from the right click menu (top option)
  4. Switch to ‘Export’ mode at the top of the screen
  5. Name your build
  6. Click Save
Exporting STL 1


  • Use the blue ‘Points’ button (top, left of screen) to edit sockets (Filled, OpenLock, magnets, etc) – There will otherwise be cavities.
  • Right click for MENU: move / group / copy / del
  • Hover mouse over white orb to snap objects – Object turns green when auto-aligned
  • Right Click to clear dragged object
  • If you have issues loading BeamDown, clear your browser cache

Pre-Release Demo Videos:

Getting support

Contact alex@saucermenstudios.com.au or join the BeamDown community at Discord.

How to Include Add-ons to Kickstarter Pledges

FLC Add Ons

Add-ons are additional sets offered at discount bundle pricing that can be purchased when you back a Kickstarter project. See our latest Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/saucermenstudios/zectonium-prison-mines

To include an add-on to your pledge, follow these steps:

1 – Back the Project

Click the green button labelled ‘Back this project


2 – Select Your Reward

Here you can choose your specific pledge, E.G. ‘All in’.

image 1

3 – Configure Reward

At this stage you can bundle the Add-ons. Just click the ‘Add’ buttons to include extra discounted sets to your pledge.

image 2

4 – Log in and Pledge!

Continue to you login / registration. Remember that you can add or remove items from your pledge at any time before it ends – Thanks for your support!

image 3
Zectonium Prison Mines Late Pledges

Redeeming Your Kickstarter STL Files


If you backed one of our Kickstarter Projects, you will receive an update from Kickstarter letting you know that the campaign has ended and that files will be distributed.

Soon after, you will receive an email from MyMiniFactory (MMF) with the subject of ‘You have been invited to redeem your kickstarter pledge!‘.

Inside the MMF email you can click ‘Redeem Here‘ to visit the distribution platform. Once there, you can create a new MMF account or log in with existing details.

The Kickstarter files will be available in https://www.myminifactory.com/library?v=campaigns

From the MMF Library > Campaigns section:

  1. Click on the pledge that you have backed (it will show a green heart and the status ‘Pledged’).
  2. Scroll through the available downloads included in that pledge.
  3. Click the ‘Download’ button for each set within the pledge.

Additional Support:

  1. MyMiniFactory offers customer support for all backers at www.myminifactory.com/contact_us/
  2. Instructions for the terrain can be downloaded from Our Website 
  3. You can join our community group on Facebook to ask questions and showcase your prints
  4. Check the Changelogs to see if any models have been