Infinity Terrain Ideas

Infinity Terrain Ideas

As a skirmish game, Corvus Belli’s Infinity is often about tightly packed terrain across a range of environments with a range of scatter terrain and cover placed across the board. The official rule book even specifies options for aquatic, desert, mountain, jungle and zero-g.

In this article we’ll specifically focus on urban and industrial terrain elements and what you can think about when starting or expanding your terrain collection.

Modular City Building

The option to change up your terrain each game is a no-brainer when investing in a Corvus Belli Infinity terrain set. We recommend using buildings with modular sections. Flatline City from Saucermen Studios is a great option for this as the buildings can be built as high and wide as you need and even interconnected with walkways and accessories as well as hot-swapping the rooftops and doors.

Infinity ITS Tokens & Objectives

Correctly sized, objectives and tokens bring a lot to the aesthetic of an Infintiy table. Physical trans antennas, consoles, turrets and tech coffins, etc are way better to play with than cardboard or two-dimensional tokens!

Infinity ITS Tokens

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Objective Rooms

Some Infinity missions require a correctly sized, 8×8 Objective Room are the center of the table. These have playable interiors and add some interesting dynamics to gameplay.

Infinity Terrain 4x4 Table Set-up
Infinity Table set-up with Saucermen Studios Terrain (Credit Joshua D M)

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Infinity Terrain Sets

It’s important to have an Infinity table be cohesive in theme, so looking at terrain sets or bundles is a great way to start. below are some examples of Infinity terrain sets available and they can even be 3D printed so you can control how many of each piece you need.

Playable Interiors

The sophisticated rule-set of infinity lends itself incredibly well to using playable interiors. Your missions can take place inside a bunker, office building, underground sewer system, or space station.

Scatter Terrain

It’s often the small scenery pieces that make a huge difference. These models can easily be 3D printed on a resin printer and look great!

Cheap Infinity Terrain

There are many options for cheap infinity terrain in the marketplace such as MDF, kit-bashing / DIY or the increasingly popular option of 3D printing.

how to 3D print terrain

Infinity Terrain STL Files

If you own or have access to a 3D printer, Saucermen Studios offer a range of 3D printable terrain to take your Infinity terrain collection to the next level!