Adding LEDs to Gaslands Cars

gaslands lighting led

We love Gaslands! It’s a cinematic, post-apocalyptic tabletop game that uses modded Hotwheels for the minis. It’s definitely in the Saucermen Studios top 5 games of 2019 because of the low starting cost, maker appeal and insanely fun group playability.

We recently started to explore the superfast, powersliding faction of the Japanese Miyazaki and wanted to really capture the spirit of Tokyo drift cars so cracked open the electronics set and added some LED lighting to our cars.

gaslands led lighting car

Adding lighting to a Gaslands vehicle is very easy and affordable. All you need is:

  • One Hotwheels Car
  • Dremel or manual cutting tool
  • One watch battery – We used a 3v CR2032
  • LEDs
modelling tools for converting gaslands
Tools: Car, battery, LEDS, cutting tools

Connecting the Lights & Power – The LEDs have a short leg that must conenct to the bottom (- Negative) side of the battery. You can just slip the battery between the two legs of the LED. Don’t worry if you mix up the connections, just swap it until it works. You can also cut the legs of the LED to suit and add more lights if needed.

led battery powered miniatures
Power!: LEDs clip onto the battery

Getting the Lights Inside the Car – Cut a hole in the bottom of the car and place the battery and connected LEDs inside.

led in miniature vehicle
Make a hole and insert the battery & lights
Light up gaslands
Gaslands building with lights

That’s it! Now you’re ready to powerslide your way to stylish victory!

Check out Gaslands, by Osprey Games at This article featured the ‘Dry Lands‘ and ‘Radiation Leak‘ 4×4 game mats by Saucermen Studios.

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