We are based in Brisbane, Australia and we love to play games.

Our goal is to supply quality game mats that fuel your imagination.

Excellent materials

Our mats are produced from an eco-friendly, neoprene rubber that is 2mm thickness. Each mat is inspected before we send it out.

Waterproof coating

All our mats have a hydrophobic coating to make the fabric waterproof.  If you accidentally spill liquid onto your game mat, it will bead up and roll off rather than soak into the material.

High detail

The high resolution artwork is printed on a fabric material similar to a mouse mat.

Urban game mat
grass game gat

Durable surface

The super grippy, rubber backing makes for a wrinkle free and durable gaming surface.

Available sizes

Currently, we offer 4×4 and 6×4′ mats (72×48″).  We will soon be offering more sizes such as different sizes.

Want to know more?

Please contact us at info@saucermenstudios.com.au

Our Current Range: