3D Printed D&D Terrain

3D printed dungeons and dragons terrain

Dungeons & Dragons is a dynamic and often chaotic game where anything can happen. The DM needs to be prepared and have a toolbox of miniatures and terrain that’s ready to go and easy to adapt to a range of encounters and scenarios. Furthermore, the scenery should also inspire the imagination of the players whilst functioning as a visual aid that works cohesively with the 5e rule-set.

3D printable modular terrain

We recommend that you use modular terrain that can be quickly and easily set-up. Key considerations for your 3d printed D&D terrain are:

  • How much do you need?
  • Does it fit a 1 inch grid
  • Can you 3D print it… lots of it?
  • Does it have lots of variety in it’s design?
  • Can you remove the doors
  • Does it include gaps, damaged sections and ladders?
  • Can it be easily painted?

A great set for this is the Dungeon Assault terrain set from Saucermen Studios as it ticks off all of the above features and more!

D&D Terrain for Encounters

Another thought for your D&D terrain is to have a few feature pieces in your collection that are great to pull out for a fight, meeting or random encounter. They should offer theme nut also be functional in game by offering cover, or places to find loot, etc. These could include:

  • Ruins
  • Old relics
  • Ancient Pillars
  • Natural formations such as crystals or rocks

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How do you paint 3D printed D&D terrain?

Don’t make extra work for yourself. Keep the painting process simple – We previously did a write up about how to paint your dungeon scenery (see link below).

Our quick tips for painting 3D printed D&D terrain would be:

  • Use old brushes to quickly drybrush
  • Use house paint or cheap craft acrylic
  • Add some organic growth with flock or static grass
  • Add some dirt or grime (weathering) by slapping or dripping on inks or washes

How to 3D print terrain